Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Brand ambassador ho toh aisa!

When Shah Rukh Khan tells you that he invests his money in ICICI bank, you would like to believe him. And most people do. So it was not surprising when the bank roped in their brand ambassador to save their faces in a crisis.

With rumours floating that ICICI bank is on the verge of a financial collapse, their stock value began to drop drastically and investors began pulling out their money to prepare for a bailout. That's when King Khan stepped in. He might be busy jostling between hectic shooting schedules for his forthcoming films Billo Barber and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi but that didn't stop him from squeezing time to shoot for an ad for ICICI bank, a brand that he has been endorsing for sometime now. Shah Rukh Khan is one actor who has been endorsing the same products for years. Be it Santro, Tag Hueur, Videocon, Dish TV, Sunfeast or Pepsi, SRK has been the face of all these brands since the day he first signed the deal.

Ad guru Prahlad Kakkar says, “Apart from being available and popular, what works to rope in Shahrukh Khan as an ambassador is his creative inclination. He always provides advice and insight to make the promotion better. His creative involvement in the ad campaign is one more aspect that makes him the most wanted endorser.”

On his brand association, SRK was once quoted as saying, “I can't endorse a whole lot of products. Whatever I am or have been endorsing, I have been associated with it for years and they are like family.” No wonder then, that the star took time out to shoot an ad for the bank. Truly, brand ambassador ho toh aisa!

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