Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Celina Jaitley reveals her twin!

What is our light-eyed Celina Jaitley up to these days? Well, she tells us that she is busy spending time with her twin
Celina Jaitley
Celina Jaitley. (TOI Photo)More Pics

Now that’s a new one. Wherever did he come from? “Well, it’s my brother Captain Vikrant who is on leave from work and in town! He’s just one year elder than I am but we are like twins... we play mind-reading games, fight, scream and bring the whole house down.

We are crazily connected to each other. I share everything with him.” Aah, now we know whom to go to if we have to get details of some German connections, right Celina?

And we could counter check those coloured eyes versus coloured contact lenses rumours with him, too!

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