Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Abhishek is King… of the Jungle!

Abhishek Mani Ratnam has turned Abhishek into nothing short of a Tarzan boy. From wading in the water for hours, to climbing hills and swinging from ropes in the jungles of Kerala – AB is the King of the Jungle! Sorry SRK...we meant only the 'jungle', alright!

The grueling shoot of 'Ravana' has exhausted poor Abhishek, and his lovely wife Aishwarya Rai's company was the only respite for the over-worked T-boy. Finally Abhiash got a break during New Year, and were back to urban civilization. Well, it's not because Mani sir (as he is fondly called) decided to be ultra nice to the B-couple, and give them time off to let down their hair. don't get so lucky with Mani Ratnam. He is famed for being an excellent taskmaster, and no one is spared, whether it is his favourite South superstars or Bollywood icons.

A little birdie from the sets revealed, "The unit is shifting location from Kerala to Madhya Pradesh, and while the sets are relocating, the cast has been given time off from work. With Mani sir you can't expect time off to party for New Year, Christmas, birthdays or whatever else. You never know, if he sets camp in the new location sooner, everyone will be back to the grind before they know."

We heard that sir has asked Abhishek not to flaunt his new look...and obviously stay away from media fellas. So Aby baby might decide to stay off city limits, after all. We aren't too khush about this setting, but we dare take panga with Mani sir. So we're outta here, Tarzan boy. Save the look for us!

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