Wednesday, May 11, 2011

AR Rahman: It’s all about the faith

AR Rahman believes spirituality adds magic to
AR Rahman
AR Rahman
his music.

It’s prayer time for A R Rahman. After Slumdog Millionaire’s worldwide music acclaim, the music maestro has apparently become extra meticulous about rituals. Rahman said, “I have been particular about prayers for the last 15 years. With success and acknowledgement my faith and conviction in the strength of prayers has only increased ten folds.”

A source close to the musician revealed, “Even when Rahman has a tedious schedule, he makes it a point to offer Namaaz five times a day, especially so after the awards. Recently, he asked a producer to hold the release event of Delhi 6 music earlier so that he could attend the Friday Namaaz.”

Rahman confirmed this and said, “It’s true that I pray from 1 pm to 3 pm, so I requested the producers to wind up the event in the morning so that I get the afternoon free.”

Clarifying his stance on religion, he said, “Religious sounds rather vulgar these days, I am more of a spiritual person. And I believe in being consistent with my spirituality. As one grows in life, one realises the magnitude of spirituality. It is the most beautiful passion. It raises you above all the negativities. For me and my music, spirituality is the most important element and I don’t think I can create the kind of music I do, if I don’t practice spirituality.”

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