Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My work is my life: Bipasha

Back in Srinagar to shoot for 'Lamhaa', Bipasha Basu says that she’s not going to risk her life for a film. This is what the dusky beauty says
Bipasha Basu
Bipasha Basu (TOI Photo) More Pics
about the issue.

“Too much was made out of the whole thing (when Bips left the schedule in Srinagar earlier). Lamhaa is a difficult film. There was bound to be ups and downs. The producer and director knew why I left. A certain amount of security was promised. The first seven days were absolute chaos – nothing was organised and there was a lack of security,” she said.

“Yes, my work is my life. But then, I’ve a life beyond work. I’m not going to risk my life unnecessarily for any film. Who comes to hold your hand when you’re in pain? Let’s be optimistic,” she added.

She said, “This time, hopefully, we’ll shoot without any trouble. Let’s be sensible about it. Lamhaa is a sensible film and it would be difficult for audiences to follow (the language and behaviour of the local Kashmiri girls, which she’d planned to learn earlier). At the end of the day, we’re making a commercial film.”

“I love working with Rahul Dholakia (the director of Lamhaa ). He’s fun and funny. We’ve a strange equation. He looked at me at the start and asked if I am a method actor. I liked that. It showed the director had enough respect in me to first find out what kind of an actress I am,” she added.

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