Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shimmy your way to sexy

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When your sex life is almost non-existent or you just can't seem to get that date into your warm bed - that's when you know you really got to work it hun bun. And while you can start reading the classic Kamasutra or watch erotic/disgusting porn to get some pointers, I suggest the sure shot way into his pants - the shimmy.
That's the first thing you'll learn while belly dancing, where you hold your entire body still and softly shake your tummy or chest. Belly dancing means showing your sexy tummy and moving your body in a way that will make him forget his X-box; Heck even the sentence, 'I can belly dance,' will drive his imagination wild and you can guarantee yourself a few dates.

Don't believe me? No prob - read this:

The not-so-secret diaries

The setting

"Even if you are an average dancer, it's easy to turn men on. But when he's got the bait and you actually lure him in, you better turn your bedroom into a princess's harem.

"That means, throw around those velvet and heavy silk rugs, drape the lamps and dim down the lights. You have to have strong incense stick or aroma candles burning to add to the mystical set-up of the room. Remember - let him feel like the prince, so that you can get what you really want from him." - Radhika Gupta

Divine Goddess...

"You've got to fake it if you don't feel like one already! Wear your belly dancer top with harem pants and your jingly belt. Leave your hair down (wet hair looks super hot) and clasp on those ices. To add some additional spice, get your belly pierced. That way his eyes will never move away from your hip drops.

"Or else, to melt him after just one shimmy make sure you are showing off some cleavage and dab on some perfume there. This makes him sweat even with the air conditioner on." - Tanya Vora

Shake that thing Ms...

When my boyfriend stares at all those bikini clad women more than at me, I get mad. So I dress up in my dance clothes, turn on the music and start dancing like he's not even in the room. He gets super turned on and comes to watch me, but I continue to ignore him. Then he comes real close and I start giving him a little attention.

"He goes wild when I do the chest shimmy. I mix that up with the undulation where I push and lift my chest and then roll my tummy towards him. I keep him at close proximity when I do this. That way my chest and bare stomach brush past his chest and he gets turned on in less than a second. Bikini babes bye-bye!" - Nikasha Bhatia

In no time you'll be giving Shakira a run for her money! So fast-track your life back to sexy, just a few classes will be enough to make him your slave. But just make sure he isn't a heart patient, you don't want to go running to the ICU instead of the bedroom!

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