Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Akshay Khanna is no Hurry to Get Married

shay Khanna, bollywood actor, is one of the most eligible bachelors in Hindi (bollywood) film industry.However Akshay Khanna is still not in the mood to get married.

Akshay Khanna has acted well in his latest bollywood flick, “Mere Baap Pehele Aap”.Though he sounded to be a non-believer in the custom of marriage, he did not completely rule out getting married.

Akshay Khanna is in no hurry to get married

“I have decided not to get married,” he joked recently, but then, keeping the hopes of Akshay lovers alive, he said, “as of now, I have not decided on marriage. I don’t see myself getting married soon. Frankly, I am not in love with the very concept of getting married. But, that’s for now. Maybe that would change with time. For marriage, meeting the right person is very important and that has not happened with me so far, nor am I looking forward to that either. When it has to happen, it will happen.”

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