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Bollywood Top 10 Celebrities in 2008 Google Searches

Google Zeitgeist 2008 has been released and this includes the list of top 10 bollywood celebrities that the Indian people are searching through google. Google is the world’s most popluar and widely used search engines. The top 10 rankings are infact an indication of the popularity of these Indian celebrities among the internet using community in India.To generalize, this could be taken as the list of favourite bollywood celebrities among the rich and upper middle class society in India.

Top 10 Bollywood celebrities:

Here goes the list:

Katrina Kaif was the undisputed No.1 and her name infact figures at No.3 in the ‘Fast Rising Searches’ category and at No.10 in the ‘Most Popular Searches’ category. In fact she is the only human to feature in the Top 10 ‘Most Popular Searches’ category which otherwise features keywords as diverse as orkut, gmail, Yahoo, Google, youtube, Yahoomail, indian railways, rediff, and cricket.

hot and sexy katrina kaif

Aishwarya rai continues to remain popular among the Indian cyber crowd. This aging beauty is already a legendry Indian lady and bollywood celebrity. Salman khan is another aging male celebrity who continues to attract the cyber ladies and men in India. Shah rukh khan , surprisingly figures at a low No.8.

Though Kareena Kapoor has gained popularity in 2008 for all known reasons, Saif Ali khan fails to enter the top 10 list.But Kareena’s ex boy friend shahid kapur figures at No.6. Deepika Padukone is still no match for Aishwarya Rai. The young lady who was compared with Aishwarya rai, during her bollywood entry has a long way to go before she could get as attractive as Aishwarya. Infact, she may never experience the kind of popularity that Aishwarya enjoys.

Mallika sherawat, the glam doll of bollywood is at No.9. The Indian sex queen seem to have lost a bit of her search popularity.However, the biggest surprise among the top 10 is Genelia d souza.

Sexy Genelia, kollywood actress gallery -8

Though she is only ranked No.10, She is making great progress as a searchable bollywood celebrity. Genelia d souza has been around for a few years now in Kollywood and tollywood.However, this charming young lady seem to be gaining considerable momentum in her popularity, ever since she entered bollywood recently.

Congragulations to the top 10 cyber queens and kings from bollywood

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