Wednesday, May 11, 2011

‘Hyderabadi Damaad’ Proves to be Sania’s Worst Nightmare

 Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Controversy doesn’t seem to leave Sania Mirza alone. The tennis star, who has been in news over her much rusher marriage to Pakistan’s cricketer Shoaib Malik, is now tending to a headache of a different kind. Nevertheless, it’s her marriage that is at the centre of this mess too.

News has it that ever since Sania has been informed about a certain filmmaker making a film on her life and the controversy surrounding her marriage, the tennis star has lost her sleep.

And why? Well, the film is called ‘Hyderabadi Damaad’ and the director has not asked for any kind of permission from Sania.

According to sources, the film stars Amar Upadhyay, Ali Merchant and TV star Debina Bonerjee (as Sania Mirza). The flick was launched last week in Mumbai and is produced by PD Garg and directed by Jaiprakash (Market).

The film revolves around the drama surrounding Sania’s marriage to Shoaib Malik. And that’s not all. The film also intends to explore the circumstances leading to Sania’s break-up with her former fiancée Sohrab Mirza.

Speaking to a news daily, Sania voiced her anger, “I was surprised to read in newspapers that a director is making a film on me and my marriage. I think that a commercial movie based on my personal life is hardly relevant, but I hope that the concerned director will make it clear to his viewers that the film is merely a fictional account based on his imagination.”

“It is intriguing that I haven’t even been approached (by the filmmakers) regarding this. Very few people in the world would know the real Sania Mirza. It’s a shame if the director is relying on distorted information he’s picked up through inaccurate media coverage,” she sates.

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