Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why Suspect Sanjay Dutt’s Career Finished?

There are 5 steps for suspected Sanjoy Dutt's Career Finished:

Weight Issues
He was super slim in Rocky, lean and mean in Khalnayak and super hot in Kaante. But looks like his toned and muscled days are behind. In All The Best he had to tie a scarf around his neck to hide the flab. And now he is no longer able to regain his fit and fab bod as and when he wants.

Poor Politics

He may have been Munnabhai but he could not fall back on all that goodwill when he tried his hand at politics. Also his departure from the Samajwadi Party and Indian politics showed his political immaturity and proved that he was in it cause of Amar Singh and not because of any desire to serve the nation. He has also provided his support to Indian origin politicians in the UK.

Jail Time
His repeated stints in prison have done long-term damage to him. For one, each visit has understandably aged his face. But the other more serious fall-out is that in his absence others have stepped in to fill the gap and he has found it increasingly difficult to bounce back into B’wood.

Other Heroes

In an age when SRK, Salman and Ajay Devgn are considered the older heroes, Sanjay Dutt is almost a dinosaur and thought of in the same vein as Anil Kapoor and Jackie Shroff. Which means all he is being offered nowadays are dad roles – stylish dads, but dads nonetheless.

Interfering Wife
Manyata Dutt has systematically alienated all the people who have been a part of Sanjay’s success. While she is definitely managing his money better now, unfortunately the directors (like Sanjay Gupta) who have given him his biggest hits are no longer part of the Dutt inner circle and this is harming his career.

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